HOA Common Area Mowing and Weed Spraying Info

The first landscape spraying for weeds in 2019 took place in the common areas during the week June 26-28, 2019 (Wednesday through Friday)

Work began in the common area streetscapes (along Palmer Park Blvd and Hannah Ridge Dr), then they worked their way into the park area trails and finally the park fence perimeter. 

The second application took place on Friday, August 2, 2019 and it was applied to the park perimeter areas.

The herbicide application continues periodically every few weeks and will always be flagged with the product applied at each entrance and area where it is applied.

The herbicide application can take 20 mins to 4 hrs to dry depending on the weather temperature. The landscapers will clearly illustrate on all common areas where they applied the herbicide. They will also conduct perimeter spraying of the fence line in the park. Keep a close eye on kids and any of the neighborhood pets, from eating/running in the grass. Park mowing will take place on Friday, usually every other week during the day that grass is mowed along Palmer Park Blvd and Hannah Ridge Dr. 

Please let us know (using these CONTACTS) of any concerns you have, so we can address them right away. Thank you!